Cheesecake Labs is a technology and development company based in Florianópolis, Brazil, focused on the North American market. Our main challenge was to structure a consistent communication with the team’s DNA that would overcome the problems of being a Brazilian offshore company. Moreover, we should organize and develop new visual assets to favor the exponential growth of the business.


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Brand Strategy

During the immersion process, we held staff workshops and interviews with Silicon Valley’s customers. We validated the culture’s points and perceived a strong sense of community and unity. It likewise was evident in the polls the latent sense of responsibility and pro activity across the team.

We developed a verbal identity that varies according to the level of intimacy with the client. Therefore at the first contact with the company, customers feel the security and credibility of a more formal language. Then, as they get to know the company and the team, they receive a more informal and relaxed language, closer to the company’s DNA.

The tagline “Let’s bake ideas together” summarizes the brand positioning, which is inclusive, cooperative, creative and responsible. It invites the client to sit back, grab a piece of cake and rely on the Cakers to develop great ideas.



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Visual Identity

The brand’s visual universe was structured to highlight the its technological, dynamic and partnership side face. We redesigned the “Cake” and used parallel lines as a principle to compose the graphic brand, extending to other brand support elements.The symbol also refers to the tag sign “< >”, often used in development languages.



For the chromatic palette, we kept the blue of the brand and added some other colors, visually softening the mark between formal and informal. Cheesecake Labs is more serious at the first contacts and then gets more geeky, loose, funny and close.



Finally, we have designed guidelines for the creation of new icons and assets for photography. These guidelines assist in the designing of new parts by the marketing and design teams, as well as maintaining the visual consistency of the brand.


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